Sunday, October 6, 2013

New post on new blog

I wrote a pretty vulnerable post today on my new blog.

Check it out HERE!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Blog

I feel that this blog has run it's course. It was extremely valuable to me during the days of TTC, and now our family has taken a very different turn. 

I've started a new blog to chronicle that journey. Come find us at I feel that a new blog for a new direction is important. It will primarily be about my journey in foster care and adoption. 

Thank you all for all the support you have offered me! 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Yet another "it's been a while post"

For me, blogging is something I do when I'm down. I pulled up the blog last week to write because I had been super depressed, and I needed to get through my feelings about life. But then something happened (that something likely involved the toddler) and I never wrote the post. I never allowed myself to heal from whatever it was that I needed to get out.

And then yesterday we got a call. Yes- one of THOSE calls. The call that I told my CW NOT to call me with anymore. Because I'm a sucker. And I want to help everyone. The last call we got, I had to say no. We were moving in a WEEK, and we just weren't equipped. And that was OK, because I didn't know at the time that we had a big ole storm headed our way. That is a post for another day, but it's been one hell of a year so far. 

So when my adorable CW started out the phone call with "So, I have this situation....", my brain had already said No. But then she started talking, and I was intrigued, and I couldn't get the situation out of my head.

D & R are 12 year old twins. (I really need some creative nicknames, I'll try to come up with something next week) D is an active boy, who loves sports of all kinds. We will have to forgive the fact that he is a Michigan State fan ;).
R is a vibrant and active girl who is just adorable. She is artistic and has a beautiful voice, and captured my heart from moment one. 

See here's the thing. I have 3 kids already. 5, 4 and almost 2. And they are a HANDFUL. I knew that I couldn't handle any more little ones. But our age range says "0-5". And I was adamant about that. What in the WORLD could I possibly know about raising a tween? 


No really, NOTHING. I was a pretty good kid. I never rebelled. I wasn't into drugs, I had a model childhood. What am *I* going to have in me, that can help a tween in foster care?

I still haven't figured that part out, but I know God has found a home for them. They belong here, at least for now. 

So when my CW said that she was looking for a home for twins, I thought "OH NO". I thought she meant young twins. And when she said twelve, my world shifted. I could handle 12. It would be hard, but it wouldn't ADD to my current issues. Because I'm pretty sure they are already potty trained, and they should be past the point of throwing themselves on the ground because they don't like my choice of dinner.

Things have been insane around here, and I need a BREAK. So WHY in the world would I accept MORE kids, when I've been saying for weeks that I just need to get AWAY? Because I'm certifiably insane. 

So I called my husband, and we hemmed and hawed, and we went to our PRIDE training that night, and decided to do it.

They will be moving in tomorrow around 1. They have two other siblings in Foster Care, one of which is placed with a friend of ours. The twins are currently staying with her, but she can't keep them long term. She is absolutely giddy that they are coming here, and I have to agree with her.

So many things had to work out *just right* for me to be in the right place to say yes to this. And God arranged it all. He is SO GOOD. I can't praise him enough tonight.

I know that I will struggle, and I will wonder WHY he thinks I am capable of doing this, but I love these kids. They are GOOD KIDS. I don't mean to say that all foster kids are BAD KIDS, because I don't believe that. But this is a case where they have been dealt a crappy hand, and they just keep trying, and pushing. And they have been fortunate to have some great people on their side to fight for them! 

I am so excited to start this new chapter in our lives. We will have FIVE kids as of tomorrow!