Monday, August 2, 2010

New phones, family drama, and hospitals

That pretty much sums up the last few days in the life of Stephanie.

I managed to drop my cell phone into a glass of mountain dew about a week ago and although my phone worked for a couple days, after a while it wouldn't charge anymore.

I have the fabulous Verizon network and I was able to upgrade early, and as a bonus- so did DH. We both got LG Allys, since they were BOGO.

I love my phone, and I am actually blogging from it right now!

The day my phone stopped working was the day I had my meltdown last week. Shortly after my last post, I realized that my phone wasn't working. It wasn't the best week LOL

On Saturday, I was supposed to babysit my neice (who currently lives with me) and I was sleeping when my cousin Heather called me to ask me to go visit my grandma and check on her because she had been sick all night. I jumped up, checked that DH could watch Leah once Lisa went to work, and ran over there. I wasn't there long when I realized that she needed to go to the hospital. I was expecting resistance from her, but she was REALLY sick.

Several tests, a hospital stay and many drugs later, she was diagnosed with an infection in her bowels and will be here for a few more days. She is still pretty sick right now so we want someone here 24/7. Thankfully that isn't too hard in our family. My grandmother had 6 children and many grandchildren, so there hasn't been a problem making sure someone is here. I have the night shift tonight and was here all of Saturday. I am super tired and ready for thie to be over, but I'm feeling really bed for my grandma.

And I decided not to take the clomid. With everything going on it was just too much. I don't even have time to chart right now! LOL