Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Major update, and shift in focus

So things are crazy around here these days. Biggest news of all- I'm a MOM!!! Lil Man and Lil G arrived on 9/29 and things have been a whirlwind ever since.
The good, the bad and the fantastic.

  • They both have been diagnosed with attachment disorder (can't remember the exact terms) but are in therapy and are actually doing quite well.
  • TPR was on the 29th before they moved in and the Bio parents officially have no rights. 
  • They are amazing kids and I love having them here, even in the bad moments.
  • Lil Man is having some control issues, which is to be expected, and we are working on them.
  • They call me "Mommy" on occasion as well as calling DH "Daddy". They are mixed in with our first names, and that is perfectly fine with us. 
  • We have a meeting with the adoption worker next week, to get the process started, but it will probably take about 7 months. They have to be living with us for 6 before they can file anything. 
  • Lil G is potty training, and we are on day 2 of just big girl panties (excluding naps and bedtime). Both days have yielded only one accident, so I count that as a success! I have to continually remind her to go potty, but I don't have to push hard to convince her to go, and she is good at holding her bladder, just not very happy about stopping whatever she is doing to go to the bathroom. 
So all in all, things are going great. Things are starting to sink in that I am a MOM finally, and that after all this time everything is right with the world. GOD IS GOOD. In case you weren't aware, I have two beautiful reminders of this on a daily basis. 

I'm going to try and change things around here. I feel like my blog needs a new look for this new phase. Who knows when I will actually have time, but I will be working on it. On top of that, the focus will be talking about the kids and my struggles/successes with them. I am sure the occassional IF topic will come up, and that is still a big part of this process, but our story has taken a big turn, and I think that my blog will definitely reflect that (if I can ever get back to posting regularly).

Stay tuned!!


  1. I am so excited for you!! Oh my heart is leaping with joy right now!! I'm praying for you and this HUGE transition. You're right, GOD IS GOOD!!

  2. So excited for you :) Congratulations on having them move in! I'm sure it's going to have it's challenges, but what a wonderful time for you all!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! What wonderful news!!! Enjoy YOUR kiddos. :)