Monday, December 7, 2009

Acupuncture and Ovulation!!!!

I had my second acupuncture appointment on Friday. It was very different from before and I think I am good with that.

I discovered that the insertion of the needles hurts less if I am not watching her and close my eyes. I was MUCH more relaxed this time and I was in there for the full 45 minutes but it felt like it flew by.

I fell like the depression is definitely slowly lifting, but I am still trying to stay cautiously optimistic.

BUT- the SUPER good news is that I OVULATED!!!!

I am a little upset with myself because we did not plan the sexins as good as we could have and ended up only BD on day of O and about 4 days before. SO- I am trying not to be too hopeful for this cycle but it's not working very well.

Either way I am truly giddy that I have FINALLY managed to make my body work at least a little bit right.

I called my doctor to set up an appointment for next week- per her request. My appointment will be on 13dpo. I am going to try and wait until then and talk to her- we shall see how that goes ;)

In other news I have been dealing with TONS of family drama. My cousin- who I am very close to and whose two kids are my favorite kids ever- has broken up with her idiot BF and is constantly freaking out.
Now she is usually a grade A basketcase- but this week has been worse. And in hopes of making life easier for my nephews- I do a LOT to help her. But it's making me stress out.

And to top it off, my estranged sister walked back into my life this week. She and I did not really grow up together. We share the same father, but separate mothers- and we are only 4 months apart (Hello! Scandal!! LOL) and when we were 5 we were no longer allowed to see each other.

We kept in touch sparsely over the years and more often after high school. But before I got married she stopped speaking to me. I blame it on the daddy issues from my wedding. She thinks that our dad chose me and not her. It's a whole lotta drama.

Anyway- I saw her at a restaurant I frequent and we are having lunch tomorrow. She suggested it and I have hopes that she has grown up a bit and is ready to have a relationship with me. And maybe I can establish a relationship with my little brother some day as well.

One day I am really going to have to type out my whole sordid family story. It so SO insane and sometimes I forget that my family IS NOT normal!! LOL

Wish me luck for a BFP!!


  1. Yea for ovulation! I hope this is your month :)

  2. Good luck, I truely hope you get a BFP!
    Sorry for the family drama, I hope it gets a bit easier for you and things work out with you and your sister.

  3. Good luck, I hope you get BFP!! Yea for ovulation!!

  4. here's to hoping for a huge BFP for you!! :)