Sunday, September 26, 2010

UGH I'm seriously going to cry over this.

WARNING- This entire post is TMI.

I have a yeast infection. I'm so scared to take anything or do anything to stop the itching.

I have my ultrasound tomorrow, so I'll just ask my RE then what I can do and how this might affect our chances of getting PG this cycle.

I read that the change in PH can affect the sperm and our ability to get PG this cycle. This makes me very cranky because I CANNOT put this cycle off. I really can't. I will lose my ever loving mind.

I am terrified that I'm going to go to this ultrasound tomorrow and be told that nothing has happened, like last time. I have put WAY too much weight into this cycle. Which was a STUPID idea. But here I am- seriously invested in the assumption that I will see two lines in about 2 weeks.

And then I realized that my Conception lube disappeared. Since Clomid tends to dry me out really bad so I had some sperm friendly lube. Well it's missing. And I went to go buy more and I can't find it at either of the stores I usually frequent.

I am also irrationally scared that I will go into this appointment tomorrow and be told that there is no response. Because that's what happened last time.

Yes I realize this is completely irrational because I know the Clomid makes me ovulate. I have tracked that with charting and have had 3 ovulatory cycles with Clomid. But I'm still crazy and I have weird irrational fears.

So yeah- I'm ready for tomorrow to come so I can know what lies ahead. And then of course we begin the 2WW which will bring on a whole other set of neuroses LOL


  1. Sorry for the possible yeast infection :( I hope it isn't, or goes away asap.

    As for the Lube, is there a CVS near you? I know they carry Pre-Seed now, well most of them should anyway.

    Hope the u/s goes well.

  2. Oh no! Hopefully it's better today! If you have enough time before ovulation, you could just eat lots of yogurt. You can even take plain yogurt and put it inside you. Weird I know, but it really does work!