Monday, January 18, 2010

11 dpo

I POAS this morning, and it was negative. Blah blah blah, yeah it's early. But I'm expecting AF around 12 or 13dpo. Of course, that is based on last month, which was the ONLY month that I actually ovulated. So... who knows.

I have two more tests so if AF doesn't arrive or my temp doesn't drop by wed, I'll test again.

In other news, I am going to be an auntie to another baby girl! I am excited to have another girl in the family, even if it isn't my baby.

And I'm working on organizing our house. I really should post pictures because the hope is to have a completely new organized house by the summer.

I'm admittedly not a great housekeeper. I hate dishes and cleaning. But I am now hoping to be a SAHM and I'm becoming more and more germaphobic as the days go on, so I need to make it easier on myself.

We are doing a small renovation on our kitchen and putting in laminate hardwood flooring throughout the entire downstairs. This will help me to keep up after the animals, and the required organization before this remodel will help me keep it organized and clean after the remodel (in theory)

So far my Living room looks like a tornado hit it. But two full garbage bags and a box of donations later, and I am on my way! When it's all said and done I will post pictures, but for now I am just gonna get back to work!


  1. hoping a BFP comes soon!!

  2. Ugh, BFNs are evil. But you're not out yet!