Friday, July 13, 2012

Hello out there in blogger land

**WARNING** This is a sickeningly happy post. So if you are not in the mood to hear how much I love my life- I give you full permission to close this page. Because there was a time when I wouldn't have wanted to hear it.

SO much has happened, and I really should be sleeping right now- but it's not gonna happen, so I figured I'd write instead.

The last time I posted, we had just finalized the adoption, and everything was rosey and grand. Well things are even better if that's possible.

DH got a promotion, one that he had been wanting for the last year. We weren't expecting a raise, but it ended up coming with a pretty substantial one. We started looking for a new house, and are hoping to move in the next few months.
I started selling Thirty-One, which if you aren't familiar with- it's a christian based direct sales company that sells handbags and organizational tools. I LOVE it, and I have found that "thing" that I do that's just for me, and not for the kids or the hubby etc. That alone has helped my outlook on everything. The last few weeks have been heaven. I am feeling SO blessed.

And just when I thought things were perfect, I got a call. We welcomed a little boy who we shall call Junior yesterday. He is 13 months old, and such a happy baby. It is our first foster placement (as far as I'm concerned, my kids weren't really foster, since their parental rights were already terminated when they moved in) and we are riding the roller coaster. We have no idea how long he will be here, and I get to experience parental visits. We are taking him tomorrow for a few hours.

Junior absolutely ADORES A&G, and for the most part they really enjoy him as well. G is a little jealous, but she doesn't want to admit it and is trying to overcome it.

He has had a hard time sleeping (which is why I *should* be sleeping right now, while he is) but I think that's the new environment more than anything. I'm hoping I can get him on a schedule and be able to sleep through the night sometime soon.

And although today I'm more tired, more stressed, and my house is much messier- I'm also more blessed, more loved, and just as happy as I was before I got that call. This is an amazing time in my life and I couldn't be happier!

I'm hoping to continually update this blog with our foster journey. But who knows how well that will work :)


  1. I am so happy for all of te great things that's are happening for your family!

    I started 31 in January and just DIQd. I absolutely LOVE this company!!!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! So many GOOD things happening for you!!!
    Praise be to God!!!