Thursday, April 15, 2010

RE Appointment

Well first off, it's official. I did NOT ovulate this month. It's CD 23 and I haven't had any sustained rise in temp.
SOOOO. I have been discouraged this week. And I was SO anxious for the RE appointment today. I was-for some crazy reason- afraid they were going to tell me the only option for us was IUI at this point.

Last night I did what I do best. I obsessed over research. I checked out our health insurance to see what injectables were covered. Because I was convinced that, at the very least, we would be going that route. I found out that when/if we go that route, it will be a minimal OOP cost each cycle.

So I was a bundle of nerves when we got to the appointment today.

I need to say, for the hundredth time: I LOVE OUR RE'S OFFICE!! The nurses are great, the med students are great and our Doctors are great.

We work mostly with Dr. F. She is super sweet.

So the nurse asked us a ton of questions, as usual and we waited for Dr. F. A couple med students came in to ask me more questions and go over my test results with me.

The cortrosyn stimulation test came back normal, which means that there isn't anything wrong with my Adrenal gland and it's definitely PCOS. The sonohystogram of course went well, and all is clear there.

The glocose test came back above normal. I think my 2 hr number was 150 or so. So that means that I'm not diabetic yet, but I definitely have an issue that I need to deal with. SO- I have to get a referral to an Endocrinologist. FUN FUN. The nurse told me I needed to be careful and eat less carbs, less sugar. Of course.

I will have you know that I am currently munching on carrot sticks instead of getting fast food lunch on the way home. I'm gonna make myself a salad or a sammich in a bit. I DO need to work on my health now. Because I am already at a higher risk for GD and I don't want to drastically change my eating habits in the middle of pregnancy. I'd rather already have made the changes I needed. to make.

So now I have the actual TTC update.

The med students asked me about Clo.mid. I told them that I am not totally against going back on it, but that I would rather not since I had such a bad experience last time.
They also asked about what does of Metformin I am taking since I did ovulate on my own last cycle, but I didn't this time. They asked about the side effects I had on the Met and if I would consider increasing the dose.

Dr. F came in and, as usual, she put me right at ease. She talked about my results and said that while she would like to do another SA and refer DH to a urologist, she wants to focus on me and my problems right now. She also said that she wasn't going to go back to Clo.mid since I have already had 4 cycles and I had a bad experience last time.

She also mentioned increasing my Met dose to 1000mg a day. She wants to stick with the XR because the side effects are less intense with the XR, which I have proved to be good with.

So the plan is Femara days 3-7. CD14 ultrasound and possible trigger shot (ovidrel)
I have an appointment in July for follow up if we aren't PG by then. At that point she wants DH to see the urologist and get another SA.

I start progesterone today to induce AF.

SO- I am SO excited about this plan. It's proactive and I feel confident. And I feel silly for worrying about IUI when we still have so many options.



  1. That sounds like a GREAT plan! I didn't know your dose of Met was so low, from what I've heard, 1000mg is the minimum to get the full benefits of Met, and most REs like to see you on 1500mg. So hopefully that'll help! And good for you for trying to get healthier now, you really will be happy you did once you do get pregnant.

  2. What a great visit! I'm glad she got you moving in the right way with a med that will hopefully get you your BFP this month! Do you know how much the trigger shot will be? If we do injections I will have to pay for all of those too.

  3. Samantha- I am blessed because our prescription insurance will cover injectables.

    I did get a price range for the Ovidrel, which would be $70-$130. But different ones cost more. For example, Gonal-F can be $1740-$2240.

    But that's just what my health insurance said. GL!!

  4. I hope the femara does the trick! When I was on femara I barely had the side effects I did on clomid. Hope it's the same for you.

  5. Sounds like a great plan!! I'm so happy you got some questions answered!! I hope you get your BFP very soon!! I'm excited to follow your journey!

  6. For me, Femara was a miracle! I hope it is the same for you :) I had no side effects at all!!

  7. YAY that sounds like a good plan! I loved my RE too. They know what they are doing so it makes you feel better!

  8. I can't tell you how impressed I was with your clinic as I read this post. They sound so totally on top of things and it looks like your care is super top-notch! What a relief/comfort this must be for you! Can't wait to hear about your Femara cycle and good luck!!

  9. Oh good, I'm so glad you have a plan you're happy with! I thought Femara was easier on me than Clomid. Glad you're going that route. Hoping with you!

  10. I have no experience with Clomid, but felt minimal side effects with Femara. It should if nothing else produce one fabulously good size egg. :) If you can increase the Metformin that could help. I did 850 mg twice a day while trying and I'll stay on it through the first trimester. Prayers coming your way *hugs*