Monday, April 19, 2010


I have one tattoo. I got it when I was 19. It's a cute tribal type tattoo of two butterflies. It holds no meaning other than I thought it was cute.

I have been wanting another for a couple years. Despite the fact that after getting my first tattoo, I said I NEVER would. Well of course, as I was told- I changed my mind.

This time I wanted something meaningful. I honestly couldn't think of anything that I would be willing to put on my body FOREVER so I have put it off.

A few weeks ago I tossed around the idea with DH of getting a tattoo to symbolize our struggle with IF. This is a journey that I will never forget, and will have an impact on who I am for years to come. So today I started looking around. I thought I might do something with a pomegranate, or something like that. And I came across THIS.

The other option was to do a simple ribbon like Infertility's Common Thread.

I am hoping to get something put on my shoulder. But I'm a bit of a girly girl and I don't like graphic tattoos. I like pretty, dainty tattoos. Which is why I think I love the infertility awareness badge. It's pretty, and it's simple. I could keep it rather small and just have it on my right shoulder.

And now that I'm thinking about it. It seems to have a bit of symbolism to it. Something about carrying the weight of IF on my shoulder? No.... Hmm. I should stay away from all things symbolic. I'm too literal.


  1. That is beautiful! I love the meaning yet it's not something you would have to explain to everyone who sees it because it's s dang cute!

  2. That is a beautiful logo. I'm super nervous about something permanent too, but that heart symbol could probably take on new meanings over the years too. :)