Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I have moved!!

We moved on Saturday and I have finally gotten a chance to sit down and update what's been going in. I warn you now, this is a VERY LONG blog post.

First of all, I'm glad to be moved and in the new house. I'm working on organizing, but I hit a bit of a snag when I got SUPER sick on Sunday night. I ended up in the ER with a fever of 102.8 that would NOT go down. They sent me home with an official diagnosis of  "sore throat" but said they thought it was strep since I was definitely exposed (Josh had it last week) and I was exhibiting symptoms. I am on Antibiotics but I'm starting to think it's bronchitis since it's ALL in my chest at this point. But they would give me antibiotics for bronchitis too so I'm not going to do anything until I am done with the meds.

My SIL is staying with us right now. I posted about her in my last post, but didn't get a chance to update. She was completely sober when DH found her, but she was determined to go to KY with a guy she had known for just a few days. After staying with us and trying to get the funds for the ticket, she decided not to go and finally realized that this guy was NOT GOOD. As of right now she is very motivated to STAY clean, and that is going to require some work. It's easy for her when she is staying with us, but it's another thing to be out on her own or something. I am not willing to let her stay here indefinitely, since we would not be able to get into the foster care program, but she is here until Sunday, and possibly longer depending on the circumstances. We are taking it one step at a time. She has actually been very helpful and very respectful of me and my ground rules. She and I are the same age so we get along well, even if we don't have much in common.

We also went to our fostercare orientation yesterday. It was pretty much stuff we already knew, but we found out that the first classes we will be able to start classes in the fall. DH is a little disappointed that we won't be able to go until then, but I'm ok with it. I am putting a lot of hope on this cycle of Clomid, which I still haven't started. I haven't even started my progesterone. I just picked it up the other day!!! I am just SO TIRED of not getting pregnant, that I am DETERMINED that if I do EVERYTHING right I can make it happen. What? That doesn't work? LOL. Logically I know that it doesn't quite work that way, but somehow I keep trying to think of ways that I can make this cycle work ya know?

If you made it through all that, you are a saint :)

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  1. Awww, I know what you mean. I get paranoid about doing everything right even though it's completely not in my control. Glad to hear that your SIL is ok and that you're doing well! Hope you continue to enjoy your new house.