Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wait.... Who is that?

Could that possibly be Stephanie?

Yes, I've been gone for a while. I have been reading, commenting when I can but that's about it. A fellow blogger posted a couple days ago that not blogging is like a vicious cycle. You don't blog because you are too busy, or other random reasons. And then when you can blog, there is so much to say that you don't because it's too daunting.

So as much as I would like to go into every detail of why the following things happened, I can't or this would be a post that lasted a year. So instead, I'm just gonna give you the bullet points.
  • We are MOVING!! We found a rental house, 6 blocks from our church that is in our budget and is beautiful. We move on June 19th and I am really excited. Yeay for moving forward!!
  • We are taking a break with TTC until we move. I am anxious about being on clomid again and I want to wait until we are settled. And I'm just tired
  • I am an auntie to a new baby girl. I thought I was going to be fine when she was born, I wasn't. I had a major breakdown and ended up realizing that it's a REALLY good thing that we are taking a break.
  • DH is on board with IUI and maybe even a mini IVF if we are lead in that direction, although I doubt that's going to happen. 
  • We have decided to do this round of Clomid and then start a study at a local university that will do clomid/femara and then IUI for up to 6 cycles.
  • We are going to a foster care orientation on June 22nd. I am pretty excited about this, but also super nervous. 
So all in all, very good things. Limbo feels like it's on its way out the door and we are moving forward FINALLY!!!


  1. Everythings sounds great, good luck with the move!

  2. Oh what great news! So many wonderful things. Congratulations on your new little niece. Don't worry about your breakdown, I'm sure I'll have one this fall when my sister's baby is born.

    Glad you found a great rental house and that you have an IF plan!
    Hugs & prayers!