Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My family needs prayers, badly

I can’t really go into it all right now but my SIL, who is a drug addict who we thought was recovering, has relapsed in the last few weeks. As far as we know she is at a bus station in Detroit and DH is on his way to find her and hopefully pick her up.

The plan as it stands is to bring her back to our home right now. Since we live in the boonies and she doesn’t know where we live, it’s the best solution. FIL and StepMIL will pick her up tomorrow and admit her to rehab for the 4th time.
Pray. Pray. Pray. Please. I am not sure how to handle all this and I am freaking out.



  1. Oh I'm so sorry! I'll be praying for her today! I hope your DH was able to find her.


  2. I'm sorry, Steph! I'll definitely be praying.

  3. Hope things are going ok for your family and your SIL! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog about advice for the article. Hope you're doing well!