Thursday, May 20, 2010

Saw Dr F today

I had an appointment at 10:15 this morning. I saw one of the OBGYN Medical students first. She asked me about what happened last cycle, and we talked about I had basically ZERO response to Femara. She said she thought Dr F wanted to go to Injects, and I made sure to express my concerns about cost. Since our insurance only covers 50%, I was worried about the costs of the monitoring. With all those ultrasounds and bloodwork, I knew it would cost close to $1k for each cycle. We are open to that idea, but we'd like to exhaust any other option first.

The med student left, and a few minutes later Dr F came in. She told me she didn't think increasing my dose of Femara would do any good, and that she did think Injects were the next logical step. We talked about the costs and she confirmed my concerns about the cost per cycle. She asked me about Clomid thinking I would say NOOOO. But I am not completely against it, I'm just against going to the 100mg dose. The 50mg worked for me.

So she agreed that we should try a couple cycles of Clomid again before going to injects. We will also be adding monitoring and a possible trigger shot, which I didn't have before. Sooooo we shall see. I was pretty discouraged since Clomid didn't result in a pregnancy before. But I'm hoping that the midcycle ultrasound and the ovidrel will make the difference.

So after Dr F left, the nurse came in. She is awesome. She brought me a folder of info on injects, including a cost sheet for what it costs for the monitoring on an inject cycle. Complete with Medical codes!!! So, I can contact my insurance and verify that they will only pay 50%. Maybe I will get lucky and they will consider the U/S and bloodwork something other than IF!!

Also, once the next 3 cycles are up, we are gonna have DH see the urologist. So, that's another step we have.

And DH and I had a big discussion about all this. We agreed to start the fostercare process right now. I have contacted the licensing agent for my county. Although we will be moving in a few months, we would like to get all of the steps out of the way now so that when we move we can have the home inspection in the new house whenever we move.

So once again, we have a crazy amount of new stuff now. YEAY!!


  1. Hopefully your insurance will be like mine- they considered BW and U/S as "diagnostic" so we didn't have to pay per appt.

    FXed for ya!

  2. Glad that your doc is being accommodating. I hope that the clomid works for you. Why wait to go to the urologist?

  3. Hey, I thought I had commented on this post before, but yay for the new stuff! And by the way, I LOVE your new blog design. Hope things are going well for you.