Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm confused... and frustrated

So I had my U/S this morning. I had 4 Follies- 15, 15.5, 16 and another one that I can't remember the size.

I knew there were 4 when I walked out of the office, and that they wanted me to come back in a couple days for another U/S and my trigger...
They had me schedule an appt for both tomorrow and Sunday since they didn't know when they wanted me to come in yet.
They called me back a couple hours ago and told me I was coming in on Sunday. Ok fine. They also told me that I had 4 follies (Uhmmm... OK yeah I noticed that) and that they wanted me to abstain until we know how many of them mature.

Now... I only had 3 follies last cycle. And everything that I've seen (admittedly from Google) says that the norm is 2-4 follies, with 5 being the max for most doctors.

So I am thinking that I'm going to ignore the Dr about abstinence for these reasons-
I don't really want to cancel anyway, but if they DO cancel, I won't O until CD 19 at the earliest, so it won't really matter anyway. I will only O early if they give me a trigger, and if they do that- then I will be covered.... does that make sense?

And am I wrong about the 4 follies? Because even if they say they want to cancel- I'm considering telling them that I don't want to.

I am not exactly thrilled at the idea of multiples, but both DH and I feel that if God blesses us with more than 1- then he will give us the strength to handle it. Obviously we aren't going to make a choice that would put me in any danger, so if there were something like 10 follies then we would definitely cancel- but this doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me. I think my Drs office is just super conservative. 


Update- Yes I'm listening to my doc. I really don't want to risk high order multiples.

I have to take next month off because I'm going to be in FL during the week of O, and for a lot of other reasons that I can't quite talk about publicly yet. So I think I will talk to DH about doing a round of injects after the new year. And doing another SA and seeing a urologist in the meantime. Since his numbers weren't the greatest last time, I want to see if that was just that day- or if it's a real problem- or if we need to move straight to IUI or something. 

I'm rather out of hope right now. And beer. It's a bad combination. ;-)

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  1. Sorry the doctor is making you cancel, or at least cancel for now... that sucks. We're really excited if I have three follicles, never had four... if it were me I'd push it, but given my history we know that the likelihood of all of them taking would be really low for us... every situation is different, and you have to do what's right for you. With four there is always the possibility they could all take. I mean there's a chance none would, but on the other hand...