Sunday, October 31, 2010


GN- There were only 4 follies this morning, and although I didn't get the sizes (my dr was actually the one to give me the U/S, so I was picking her brain and forgot to ask the sizes) they were big enough to trigger. After thinking about it yesterday and chatting with a few IF friends, I was mostly concerned with any smaller ones that might be a problem. So we triggered, and now we just wait. I'm a little nervous about the risk for multiples, but I feel confident that we did the right thing moving forward, and my Dr was ok with it.

BN- We talked about where to go from here. I had decided that I was willing to move forward to Injects, like she and I had talked about before, but not until the new year- and not until we did another SA to be clear on what the whole picture was.

She burst my bubble on that one. Since I am already producing too many follies on Clomid- she thinks that doing Injects would just make me overstim SO much more. And then she said she thinks IVF would be our best option at that point.....

Now, I don't think Injects are completely out of the question, and we still might consider it. But she said that since I overstim- I would probably just end up canceling the cycle, and we would be wasting our money.

She knows that IVF is not an option for us right now, so she was really focused on this cycle, and then doing one more cycle of Clomid (that would put me at 6 cycles total) and then deciding from there.

I'm pretty happy with that.

I have a theory about my body and Clomid and I have no idea if it has any possible validity- it's just an opinion.
I know that Clomid stays in your system for quite a while. I think that Clomid stays in my system longer than most people, and that explains why my symptoms get worse with subsequent cycles, and why I produce more eggs with subsequent cycles, and why the ONE and ONLY time I have Oed on my own, was right after 3 Clomid cycles.

Again, just a theory, and if you are more knowledgeable than I am about this, feel free to tell me if I am wrong. But in my crazy mind, it makes sense LOL

For now I'm very happy with the appointment. My faith is stronger today, and as much as I don't want to admit that it's probably because of the good appointment, I know it probably is. But I'm trying hard to have faith in God.


  1. hmmm... I would get a second opinion if I were you! Thats great you have such great results with clomid. My RE said Injectables are sometimes better for those with pcos (not sure if you have it) but they are able to better control the follies. For example each day they call to tell you what dose you will be taking. If they are growing to fast or too many they can even have you "coast," a night or two (not take any meds). You may have much better results. I hate how RE's push IVF. That would make me want to get a second or third opinion. I think the next step would be injections/IUI. Good luck!

  2. I see you that you do have pcos. clomid + metformin supposedly works great too! Lots of success stories on that combo. It didn't work for me though... we are onto IVF. But I am contiuing my metformin.

  3. Good luck with trying! I hope that the clomid is all you need. Your lucky that you do so well with the clomid. I only ever got one follicle with clomid and it always took forever.

  4. That is a great response for Clomid, I would also be worried about injects if you are responding that great to Clomid. I don't know about Clomid building up in the system, I've never had anything like that happen for me and I did like 7 cycles in a row before. I don't know, you could ask your doctor. I know some doctors prefer having their patients do every other cycle and take a break month in between, none of mine did but it's not unheard of. But I don't think that's because it builds up in the system, but more to just give the body a break from the hormones and to prevent lining issues from the Clomid... hmm, not sure.

    And also, good luck!

  5. I haven't posted in awhile, but...

    I always responded WELL on Clomid. Always atleast 6 Follies. I was nervous to switch to injectables. However, with PCOS and injectables, they can tweak the dosage so much unlike with Clomid. The bloodwork and u/s really make them know what is happening better and they are better able to control it. I agree with Myinfertileconfessions.

    GL! Switching to injecatbales is NOT as bad as it seems! Bonus- NO side effects like CLomid! I LOVED Follistim!

  6. OH and I never got a BFP with CLomid. Did 4 cycles with Clomid and I was ready to move, why keep doing something that isn't working? (is how I felt.)

    Got preg on my 2nd cycle with Follistim and with twins, bonus!