Saturday, November 6, 2010

Another PG announcement

So I usually try to be graceful when I hear another PG announcement. Especially if it's the new mom who is telling me the news herself. But today I was less than graceful.

Last night I went to a Lockin with our Youth group at church and didn't sleep all night. Then I went to our Church's Hillbilly Breakfast (which was TOTALLY worth the extra sleep deprivation).

As I was leaving, one of the girls cornered me and gave me a hard time about leaving early, and then suddenly dropped the bomb on me that she is "Probably Pregnant".

I'm not really sure what that even means- and I suspect that she is going to have either a "false alarm" or a miscarriage in her future. She is one of those drama queens that always has to have something REALLY DRAMATIC going on in her life. And she always tries to one up everyone else.

*Disclaimer- I'm not saying she's definitely lying, and if she does in fact have a M/C I will not discount her pain or show any sign that I don't believe her, but we all know that there are women out there that take advantage of the attention that a false M/C can give them. And this blog is my place to say the thoughts that I can't say out loud, for whatever reason. So I hope that this doesn't hurt anyone's feelings.

Anyway- when she said this I froze. I couldn't say anything. I couldn't say congrats, or even say ANYTHING. All I said was "I really have to go now". And then she ignored me and kept talking, and I said it again. And then she realized how stupid she was- and grabbed me and hugged me. And all the while I'm looking at the door just wanting to bolt LOL! Finally, after the third time I said I had to go- she let me, making sure to tell me not to tell ANYONE (for example, her FMIL who hates her and happens to be my mom's BFF).

I realize, that I could have been MUCH less graceful- but I hate to be anything less than downright cheery when I get PG announcements. Because now, for the next few weeks- I'm going to get those pity looks. The ones that say "I have NO idea how you are feeling, and I couldn't really care less- but I want you to know that I feel sorry for you and I'm SO glad I'm not you"

Ok- they probably aren't thinking that, but it's what it feels like. And I don't really care if she's upset with me, but I am surprised at myself for freezing like that. I blame it on the SEVERE lack of sleep, and the fact that she blindsided me like that. We were literally talking about breakfast and she just casually threw that in. LOL

In other news- I'm happily ignoring my 2ww. I am debating whether or not I'll make it to my test date- the 15th. We are going to MILs on the 13th, and the (very small) part of me that is still optimistic is thinking that telling MIL in person would be great.

So, I'll be working with that OCD for several more days LOL. I'm leaning towards waiting- but we'll see if I actually make it that long. ;-)


  1. Ungh. I think most of us know people like that, so I get what you're saying. Sorry she blindsided you like that too (*hugs*)

  2. I don't think that you did anything wrong... that's a normal response... she should have been more aware of what she was saying... doesn't sound like she thought about anything before she spoke.

  3. Sorry about getting blindsided by a pg announcement. That's always hard, but I think you did a good job. I hope the rest of the wait goes by quickly.

  4. Steph, you know I've been there! I know exactly how you feel. Watching everyone you know get pregnant. I have been there. All I can say now is you will get everything you want and then some!! I know you will!!