Monday, November 22, 2010

Crazy week and prayer request

I am in FL right now, visiting my Mom. Sadly it is not a social visit, or a visit for Thanksgiving, although I will be here through Tday.

My mom had a procedure done a month or so ago to remove some polyps and it was discovered that she has Endometrial Carcenoma, which is a fancy word for a small cancerous spot in her uterus. Because she is already 51, and heading into menopause, they are doing a hysterectomy. The surgery is tomorrow.

Thankfully her prognosis is VERY good and they haven't even categorized the cancer as a stage. There were several "Pre-cancerous" spots and one small cancerous spot. She will probably not have to have chemo or radiation. We will know more about that tomorrow after the surgery.

My mom is handling it very well and is more concerned about her recovery than the surgery itself. She will be out of work for 6 weeks, unable to drive until she can wean herself off of her pain meds, and unable to lift more than 10lbs for several weeks. She will be limited to what she can do and my mother is NOT a person who handles limits very well LOL!

Please pray for her during surgery tomorrow, and pray for her doctors. I have faith that everything will go well in surgery, and she will be fine. I am fairly calm about it. I will feel MUCH better when it is all said and done and all the cancer is gone however.

I will update tomorrow, I'll be at the hospital most of the day. And thankfully they have free wifi!!!

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  1. Oh no :( I hope her surgery goes well, and her recovery too. My thoughts are with you all.