Saturday, November 28, 2009

I am starting to get discouraged

This month is feeling very similar to the last failed cycle. I am on CD 16 and so far pretty sure I haven't ovulated and I keep getting negative OPKs. Although when I looked at my chart tonight I realized my temp spiked slightly. I wasn't able to get a temp on Friday since I didn't really SLEEP. I went shopping VERY early and didn't sleep until around 11am and then only for an hour or so. Then I went to be at 9 last night.

I'm not sure what this is. My charts are extremely annoying. And I can feel myself starting to talk myself down. I am trying to keep up a little bit of hope but I'm back to being REALLY angry with my body.

I know that false positive OPKs are common with PCOS- but I can't help but wonder if it affects negative results as well. I'm too tired to look it up. I will tomorrow when I get home from church I suppose.

I truly did have a wonderful thanksgiving and got some decent deals yesterday.


  1. PCOS can be a pain in the butt. I never bothered temp charting because my charts always never looked right. Also don't give up hope on ovulating, maybe you are just a late ovulator like me.

  2. If this helps you, I was a late ovulator if I didn't have any type of intervention. When I got pregnant my first time around I think I ovulated around day 18 or so. Now that we are trying again my doc has me on femara days 5-9 which stimulates your ovaries (like clomid except doesn't thin your lining like clomid and doesn't produce multiples like clomid), then ultrasounds me starting day 12 to inject me with a shot of HCG once it appears the eggs will drop. From there you ovulate within about 24 hours. I haven't followed your story all along so I apologize if you have been through these things, but if not and have some questions, let me know. :) With this regimend I am now ovulating about day 13-14. *hugs* PCOS sucks!!