Saturday, October 17, 2009


So I left this afternoon to head to Virginia to babysit for my Goddaughter. Leah is 20 months old and the most awesome kid in the world. Really- don't tell me how awesome your kid is, because Leah is the smartest, funniest, cutest kid EVER in my eyes. There is no comparing. My cousin Lisa, who is my BFF- finally gave in and decided to take a vacation with her husband. They leave tomorrow night for a 6 day cruise. And I am taking care of Leah that entire time

I will admit it. I am terrified. Terrified that I am not as good with kids as I think. Terrified that she will hate me, even though she has loved me every other time she has seen me. I'm terrified that I'm gonna come home and not want kids anymore (come on, she might be awesome, but she is still a Toddler)

So for the last week I have been focusing on that. And I was supposed to get into Newport News at exactly 6:55pm. We were going to have dinner and then I was going to do Leah's bedtime routine to try and get her (and ME) used to what is going to happen for the next week.

And then Air Tran Airways completely screwed that up. My flight out of Detroit was supposed to leave at 2:54pm. I think we ended up leaving at around 3:30. And guess what happened? I missed my second flight. So here I sit- in Atlanta. Waiting for my 9pm flight. I am going to miss bedtime, and the dinner I was looking forward to with my BFF.

And instead, I am sitting in the airport lonely and watching families and pregnant women everywhere. I used to think that pregnant women followed me. Or maybe that God was taunting me with them. It seemed that everywhere I looked, someone near me was pregnant. Now I think it's more about me and who I notice.

I have always been a people watcher. I love to watch people, and figure out their story. Most times I compare myself to them. I should do my hair like that. I wish I was better dressed. You get the story. I feel like my eye searches for families and pregnant women. I love to watch kids, and now I love to watch pregnant women. Just to see how they act, if I think they are grateful for the life growing inside of them.

I have exactly 1 hour and 45 minutes left in Atlanta. I need someone to entertain me. Clearly you see what happens when I am left alone with my thoughts. I tend to ramble.

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  1. I mostly hate flying because you spend more time waiting than actually IN the airplane.

    "I love to watch pregnant women. Just to see how they act, if I think they are grateful for the life growing inside of them."

    I wonder the same thing! I also always wonder "HOW did you get pregnant??" It seems so very unattainable.