Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Doctors appointment

I had an appointment this morning with my old OBGYN. I went to her last year before we decided to TTC and I really liked her, but she left her practice and moved to a practice further away from me. I didn't think I wanted to drive that far, and decided to find one closer to me.

I found my previous Dr. We shall call her Dr S. Dr S was ok at first, although I felt a tugging at my gut that she wasn't right for me, I didn't listen. Quite a few things went wrong in the six months I saw her. The biggest was a withholding of test results from my Pap smear. Apparently my Pap from March came back slightly irregular and I wasn't informed until they realized that I had HPV from my bloodwork. Apparently I was supposed to have been told, but there was a miscommunication. Add to that fact the other issues I had with her regarding my diagnosis and treatment, and I very swiftly decided to leave her practice.

So I made an appointment with this practice-with my old Dr- we shall call her Dr C- three weeks ago. It was killing me to wait this long, but I really wanted to go to HER.

We ended up having to wait a total of 2 hours because she had a birth this morning. But I wanted to see her and not a midwife, so we ran some errands nearby. It ended up not being that bad. And it was worth the wait.

She recognized both my name and face from almost two years ago and was very happy to see me. I went over ALL the information and the last seven months of TTC. She was very understanding and listened until I got it all out. She told me it sounded to her that I DID have PCOS- but she would have to confirm with the bloodwork. Dr S never gave me a straight answer and that had become a problem. This was the diagnosis that made the most sense, because I have all of the main symptoms, but I'm not a doctor.

Dr C prescribed Metformin and Clomid for this cycle. She said she has seen better results with PCOS and Metformin which made me REALLY happy. She also gave me Provera to induce a period so we can start this cycle.

And the cherry on top was the fact that she asked me about my IF coverage and listed the appointment under irregular cycles instead of IF consult so my insurance would cover it 100%.

All in all I am very pleased and feel rejuvenated about TTC. I also think my husband was VERY happy when we were ordered to have sex every other day once we feel that I am ovulating/will ovulate. What man wouldn't!


  1. Hi! I was looking at blogs and found yours. I hope it's ok with you if I follow. I have found so much encouragement from blogging and love to pass the encouragement on. This TTC road is way to long and lonely to travel alone!

  2. So glad that your with a better doctor. I'm on clomid and metformin this cycle as well. I hope it works for the both of us ;)