Monday, March 29, 2010

12 hour fast

My 12 hour fast starts tonight at 9PM.

I have my cortisone stimulation test at 9AM, then I am heading over for my two hour glucose test. After that DH is going to take me to have a BIG lunch, because by that point I will be starving.

Then I get to go to the REs office for the sonohysterography.

Holy busy day.

But I'm planning to take my laptop, and my books. So I will be plenty entertained. And I have a midterm to study for.

In other news, I am throwing a baby shower on Saturday and while I'm excited for it (I LOVE planning parties) it's stressing me out a bit. But it will be fun!


  1. I threw a shower in January and thought it was going to give me a full out mental break down, but i survived and it turned out beautifull!!! Good luck with all of the tests!

  2. Thinking of you today! Good luck!

  3. Hope your day goes well!