Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cortrosyn and Sonohystogram

The tests went well today!

I had the Cortrosyn Stimulation this morning at 9am. I ended up not doing the 2 hour Glucose test because the nurse at the REs office recommended that I not. She didn't want the results to be skewed since I was supposed to fast.

The Cortrosyn Stimulation wasn't so bad. It was annoying to not be able to move my left arm, but the actual test was completely painless. Plus the lady was REALLY nice and I got to read my book for an hour :)

After that I had lunch with Paul and we went shopping at a couple thrift stores :) I found a pretty cute dress so that was fun.

I had my Sonohystogram at 3:45. I ended up waiting for over an hour since the RE was tied up with another patient, but I didn't mind since they had to squeeze me in to begin with.

Sidenote- I was way excited that they had a real sheet instead of the stupid paper ones that always rip. It was nice to stay covered without worrying about ripping it LOL

Overall the test went well. The pain was tolerable and the worst part was the speculum going in.

A quick explanation of the test: Dr. F did a vaginal ultrasound first to check my uterus. Then she inserted a catheter to push fluid into my uterus and then my fallopian tubes.

Everything was clear, although the lining of my uterus was apparently thick. It was really cool to see my uterus up there!

The Drs kept asking me if I was ok, and then informed me that I must have a high pain tolerance because I wasn't in any pain, just uncomfortable. But since I know my pain tolerance ISN'T very high, I am going to assume that I am just super lucky and that's why I wasn't in pain.

I'm going to get the 2 hr Glucose test this week and I have a follow up appointment with Dr. F in two weeks. YEAY!!


  1. Yea for everything going so well!

  2. glad all is well and praying for great glucose results.

  3. So glad your tests went well and that you had time to shop too! I had a sonohysterogram and was so glad I wasn't in pain either! I think the RE did have me take some motrin beforehand and afterward though.

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog today. You totally understand! I haven't seen Facing the Giants yet, although I've wanted to. And your husband's question - there was a lot of wisdom in that. I'll be praying for us both.