Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Great Appt!

As I posted yesterday, I was in a FANTASTIC mood!

The appointment went VERY well! The doctors were great, and they were very good at explaining things.
The short version is that we are doing more testing, and I am going back to talk to them once we get the results back from those tests.

There are two doctors in the practice and they were SO awesome. The first- Dr W- came in and was GREAT. He was really funny, which was a great nerve calmer for Paul and I, who can't get through two sentences without one of us cracking a joke. He went over EVERYTHING and asked us a ton of questions. He laughed at Paul's honesty about my depression, and told me it was a good thing I am so OCD about my charting and my cycles.

The RE told DH that his SA results aren't as bad as DH thought. He also said that we still could have a chance of getting PG on our own, but between the "eh" SA and my PCOS, it would take a lot longer.

After he talked to us, he went to talk to the other doctor- Dr F. She was awesome as well. She immediately started joking with us as well and she was very straightforward. They discussed a full battery of tests that they wanted both Paul and I to do. They suggested another SA, for DH. And they suggested some bloodwork and a glucose test for me. 

One of my concerns was the cost of all the tests as well as any other procedures we decide to do. Since we only have 50% coverage, the rest of that has to come out of pocket. So they nixed the SA, since we JUST did the last one last week. And a couple other tests. The tests that we ARE doing can be coded for general health so it should be 100% covered! It was AWESOME because they didn't question me or even think twice before changing it so it was easier on us.

They are doing several tests on me, a Sonoshysterography. That sounds like it's very similar to a HSG.
They are doing another blood panel to check my FSH and LSH levels. And they are doing another test that I can't remember the name of it now... I want to say it was a "stims" test. But that might be my brain making things up. For that one, I have to wait for someone to call me in the next week, so I will know more soon.
They are also doing a 2 hour glucose test. Contrary to what my first doctor said, my insulin levels WERE high. They want to do the bloodwork and the glucose test to see if it really is PCOS or if it's another problem that tends to present like PCOS. Something with the adrenal glands I think....

After the appointment I felt like my head was going to EXPLODE, and I still feel like I don't really remember anything that was said. But I am feeling VERY comforted.

Paul is pretty happy with the appointment, and said he felt like he was more informed, which was a good thing. He likes the doctors as well.


  1. I am glad you both feel better- even if you are overlaoded with info!

  2. It sounds like you have awesome doctors. I had a sonohist done...its not that bad and honestly I found the HSG to be more painful.

  3. I am so glad you had such a positive experience at the RE! It will be nice to find out the results to all those tests so you have some more answers, too.