Monday, March 15, 2010

I ovulated!!

All by myself!!!

Not that it really makes a difference as far as a pregnancy goes, but I'm super excited that my body did something on it's own!!

Granted, I'm on the Met, and I'm assuming that is the reason I did ovulate, but I wasn't on Clomid!

We have had a busy day, helping a friend move in exchange for two really cool china cabinets. I'm excited to put them in the new house, but for now they are in a storage unit until we move.

On our way to our friends house I called the REs office since I didn't get the referral paperwork until Friday night. After a very confusing phone conversation with Paul trying to input his thoughts and confusing me, we set up an appointment for April 13th. The receptionist told me that they had an appointment for 12:30 tomorrow, but I didn't think we would be able to make it because of Paul's crazy schedule these days. He works on what they call "E-Board". Basically he fills in for whoever calls off sick, breaks down etc. So his lunches and his start/end times vary from day to day.

Well this week he has a set schedule and is working what they call a "split shift". I didn't realize this until we were on our way home about an hour ago. We started talking about it and I said that if that was the case, I can probably schedule something for this week. And I mentioned the 12:30 cancellation they had tomorrow.

So guess what? We have our very first RE appointment tomorrow at 12:30!!!

I SO wasn't expecting it to happen this fast, and while I'm excited- I'm a little apprehensive now because it's a different situation than I thought it was. Since we didn't originally plan to do any ART, our options are limited depending on what the RE thinks of Paul's SA results.

And yes, I am reconsidering IUI. We had talked about it and about the costs involved for us, and decided against it. But IUI might be our best bet!! And I'm scared of the concept of saying "NO" to any treatment right now. I know that IVF is just way out of our budget, but I'm back to possibly considering IUI.

All in all, I'm excited to see what the RE has to say about my PCOS coupled with Paul's low sperm count.

And seriously, I know that it's a slim chance that I am PG right now because of the sperm count, but I am SO HAPPY that my body finally did something right. I feel like a lot less of a failure, but I don't feel like I can say that to Paul.... I don't think it would make him feel better about the whole situation.


  1. Awesome! Doesn't it feel so good to pop an egg on your own? lol!

  2. OMG, I STILL don't think that sperm count is that bad! I am definitely going to be hopeful for this 2ww. And I'm excited to see what the RE says for you two!

  3. Yea for ovulating on your own and for both of you being able to make it to your appointment :)