Friday, March 12, 2010

Full SA results

After my confusing conversation with the doctor yesterday, and after doing some of my own research coupled with chatting with a few IF friends- I asked the Dr for the full SA results.

Here is what I've got... and I'm still trying to interpret it right now.
This is what it looks like on the sheet I was given.

In Range Out of Range
Collected 1214  
Received 1235  
Examine 1240  
Appearance Normal  
Volume, Seminal Fld   1.7 L
Viscosity, Seminal Fld. HIGH  
Active 70  
Sluggish 10  
Non-Motile 20  
Forward Progression 80  
Normal   8 L
Total Abnormal   92 H
Bacteria None Seen  
WBC, Seminal Fluid Moderate  
RBC, Seminal Fluid None Seen  
Epithelial Cells None Seen  
Count/mL [Semen]   16.6 L
Total Count/Volume   28.20 L

I'm interpreting this to mean that his actual count is 16.6. Which makes more sense considering my Dr's opinion on the results.

Either way, I can't wait to see the RE now. I just want to get this all sorted out. I'm done with the "break" from TTC and now I want to fix it.

Story of my life LOL


  1. OK, that does make more sense. But about the volume - I know DH had a tough time "producing" while aiming into a cup. He kept saying that it's usually a lot more than what he got. Maybe that's a possibility here? And even those numbers aren't so terrible. *hugs* can't wait to hear about the RE appt!

  2. hope all goes well with the Re. *hugs*